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Natural Effects Permanent Cosmetics Makeup by Tina Davies, Toronto

My philosophy and commitment to quality and safety
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My philosophy and commitment to quality and safety
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These commitments to the client are Tina's utmost priority and the focus of your experience. Each client receives an in-depth consultation so Tina can analyze your features, understand your needs and determine what type of enhancements are best for you.

Tina ensures that each and every client receives the highest level of service by providing:

1.) Strictest safety and sanitation standards: only disposable tools, pigments and equipment are used. Nothing is ever autoclaved or reused.

2.) Open communication at all times: a proper consultation is client is key and begins with needs analysis and exceeding expectations.

3.) Full client consent: agreement on colors, shapes and review of all risks and aftercare procedures are thoroughly discussed to promote proper communication of desired outcome.

4.) Optional patch testing: performed as an indicator of color results and/or detect any rare allergic reactions for people with highly sensitive skin.

5.) Aftercare is carefully explained and an aftercare package is provided to promote a clean and speedy recovery of the skin.