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Natural Effects Permanent Cosmetics Makeup by Tina Davies, Toronto

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"I had no eyebrows.  I felt embarrased to let others see me without them drawn in, so needless to say, it was a chore.  I was spending countless hours penciling them in everyday and they never came out even.  Ever since Tina performed her permanent cosmetic procedure on my brows, I can't believe the difference. I can swim, jog, sweat, shower, or even decide not to wear make-up at all, and I always look great! She was so patient and professional and really took the time to customize my eyebrows to the exact shape I desired. Now, I wish I had done it a long time ago.  Thank you, Tina."  Regina A.- Toronto

"The service I received from Tina was excellent, she is very professional, reassuring, and calming. I 'm am usually afraid when it comes to any kind of procedures, but not with Tina. Permanent Eyeliner has made life so convenient, I can go swimming without having to worry about my make-up smearing. The eyeliner looks so beautiful and natural. It's one of the best decisions I have ever made"-  Marni T.- Missisaugua

"Tina's technique is not only unique but cutting edge.  I had been looking for this technique since one of my friends had it done in the States.  The look is so natural, unlike what I had perceived it ot be. -Sanjira S.-, Oakville
"I was really concerned that the permanent make-up wasn't going to look natural, but Tina match the color perfectly to my blond hair.  She even showed me what it would look like before it was done so I could be sure that I was going to be comfortable with the colour and shape of my permanent eyebrows."  - Justine H., Toronto 
"Permanent eyebrows have changed my life!  I never realized that the right shape could totally open up my eyes and give me an instant "face lift".  I had been getting them waxed for years, but noone ever showed my how to actually change my look.  I love my new eyebrows!" - Chantelle M., Etobicoke 

"I've always depended on make up because my face looks so "washed-out" without it. I wanted to see my features without having to transform myself. Now, when I wake up, I look great!" -Laurie S., Oakville

"I was afraid it was going to hurt, instead it felt like I was getting my eyebrows plucked." -Samantha, Toronto

"I don't wear much makeup but the one thing I have to have is my lipstick.  I look sick if I'm not wearing lipstick.  I had never considered permanent lip colouring before until I met a girl at my gym whose lips looked so rosy, even in the pool.  She told me her secret was permanent lip colour, and I was so shocked because it looked so natural.   Tina placed a very natural colour on my lips that match my skin tone to give me "baby" coloured pink lips.  It's the best thing I have ever done for myself. Thanks Tina."  Sharlene D.,  Etobicoke